Rock Maze

Radical Transformation
A 12 Week Journey

Over the course of 12 weeks, you'll learn how to tap into and work with the innate wisdom that you have within. We will dive into the subconscious patterning and beliefs and begin to reprogram your system.  You'll have framework and foundations to continue your momentum in real life.  

Part 1 is focused on meeting you where you are.  We will explore and get to the root of what is keeping you in your holding pattern so that you can begin to unravel the beliefs, patterns, and ways of being that are keeping you stuck. 

Part 2 is all about reprogramming and reclaiming your space.  We will be working to rewire and create safety within yourself so that you can begin to move forward into a new way of being. These are the foundations necessary to create lasting change. 

Part 3 is focused on where you're going. What do you want, how you want to be and aligning yourself with what you need to get there.  We will spend some time working with intention and getting curious about what you see for yourself, making sure we work through and with anything that might be holding you back as you step into your future. 

  • Each part is 4 weeks with one session a week via Zoom.

  • Journal prompts for each part are included so you can track your progress and continue to dive deeper into your process between sessions.  






Not sure if this program is for you, let's have a chat to see if we're a good fit for each other.  


Heal with Horses
Equine Guided Experiences 


There is just something about horses.  They're graceful and seem almost magical at times, they can evoke an almost immediate felt sense of freedom just by watching them run. 


Research shows that on a physiological level horses actually make you feel better. Studies have found that being in the presence of horses can help to decrease anxiety and depression, improve your mood, lower blood pressure and heart rate, help to regulate your nervous system, and increase your endorphins which relieve stress and pain just to name a few of the tangible and measurable benefits of being with horses. * 

Working with horses as the guide provides a powerful space for self-development, discovery, and ultimately facilitates healing experiences.


Horses have a keen ability to get the root or core of what you’re working on in minutes rather than years or hours.  These sessions allow you to investigate and explore in a curious and non-judgmental manner while guiding you back to your own inner awareness. 


Horses can teach you to notice your default patterns, help to develop your intuitive listening, improve mindfulness, change the way you relate to yourself and others, teach you to tap into and connect with your authentic self, connect to your own voice, and provide a space of safety and connection.  When you learn to tap into and experience what is going on in your inner world, it allows you to begin to shift.  

  • These sessions are tailored to fit your needs and goals.

  • No horse experience is necessary to participate.

  • Sessions can be done one on one or can be tailored to suit your group's needs. 

Have questions, want to make sure we are a good fit, or have a group you'd like to bring? 


*Research by Ann Baldwin, PhD