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A 6 week journey designed to radically transform your relationship with money, abundance, and prosperity.


It has been proven that subconscious patterning is thousands of times more powerful than your conscious mind. Which is why this program is more than mindset--we are clearing, resolving, and repatterning the subconscious at multiple layers over the course of this program, allowing for the real shifts to occur.

If you're committed to leveling up yourself and your relationship to money, abundance, and prosperity Unblocking Your Flow is for you! 

This program is for you if any of the following feel true:

*You struggle with allowing yourself to receive fully
*You believe in your mind that money and abundance are 
everywhere, but struggle to feel that truth at an inner core level or see it in your life 
*You struggle in any way on the money front 
*You have a scarcity or lack mindset
*You feel like you're stuck trading hours for money
*You believe you'll always have to work hard to make money
*It feels hard to charge what you're worth
*It makes you feel uncomfortable to put a higher price tag on your services or products
*You're ready to make radical shifts in your relationship to money and abundance
*You believe great wealth is for other people, but it won't happen for you  
*You don't want to look at where you are financially 
*You feel blocked or limited in any way around money and abundance 
*Just thinking about your relationship with money causes any tension, pressure, or constriction within you 
*You feel stuck in any way when it comes to money and abundance

You are not alone! There are people everywhere struggling with their money and abundance relationships and I am here to help you transform yours. 


Move into flow with ease 

This will be a journey unlike any other money or abundance program out there. 
Over the course of the program we will take a deep dive into the following:

  • Dissolving scarcity mindset and lack

  • Your unique money story

  • Blocks inherited through the lineage 

  • Opening to receiving

  • Adjusting your abundance meter

  • What it really means to manifest

  • Opening to the flow

  • Building your vision

When you change the way you relate to money it gives you the freedom and power to bring the world you want to see into reality. When you heal your relationship with money you’ll heal so much more in your life and the lives of others because it’s never been about the actual money anyways.  If you're ready to transform your money relationship, your inner world, and the way you show up in the outer world, this program is for you. 

So what do you get inside the program?
Two weekly group meetings, one for our content session and the second to work through

any resistance or blocks that are coming up that week ($500 value)
2- individual coaching + reprogramming sessions with

Hilary throughout the program ($225 value)
1 Open Zoom Office Hours where you can show up with

questions or just to chat about where you are and what's coming up  ($150 value)
A targeted meditative clearing track for all things money and abundance related ($15 value)
A Private Facebook Group where you can stay connected and get the support you need (priceless)

Course total: $497 with payment option available

Starts April 25, 2021
Because of the level of one-on-one attention
within this program, there is limited space.