About Me 

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Welcome to this space! My name is Hilary and I help people reclaim themselves and start leading the lives they actually want.  I never really imagined I'd be doing this kind of work but it found me on this wild journey and now I can't imagine doing anything else.  I grew up on a ranch on the Central Coast of California.  Born a lover of nature and the mystical side of life, I've always been drawn to the magic of trees, animals, and the wild spaces between.  There is so much to learn there if you just slow down and really listen. 

My journey to reconnecting with this part of myself and finding this deep calling really started unfolding when my husband was facing a battle with Complex Post Traumatic Stress after multiple combat deployments.  We followed recommendations which produced short term benefits, but not the long term changes our family desperately needed. 


It became very clear that there were missing pieces in the recovery process being prescribed for my husband, so I followed my intuition and poured my energy into researching and learning about the mind, body, spirit connection and how those all relate to trauma and the process of healing. What came of it was the discovery of my path in life as well as deep healing and opening within myself, my husband and our family relationships. 

I'm a Certified Equine Guided Facilitator, Holistic Coach, and Ancestral Clearing Practitioner.  As someone who is naturally curious and a bit of a seeker, I feel my learning is continually unfolding and deepening-- whether that's in life, client sessions, time with my mentors, or when I am learning new techniques and honing skills to help my clients' in the best way. I blend my varied background to create spaces where people can connect with their authentic self on a deeper level and start to take their lives back.  

A little non professional stuff about me. I talk to plants like they're friends and I love herbal medicine.  Tending a garden and digging with my hands in the earth makes me feel like I'm home.  The ocean soothes my soul and it's my go to sacred space when I need a reset.  I'm a Gemini Sun, Scorpio Rising, and Sagittarius Moon.


My husband used to call me a food snob, but really, I just like good food.  Baking is my not so secret secret skill. (All gluten free though, thanks allergies! ) I'm the momma to three wild kids who are usually running around barefooted. My hair is crazy curly and it took me about 26 years to figure out how to actually work with it.  No matter where we go animals will find me, usually a dog, and low key ask to come home with me. My answer is no to the inquiring animal, all furred, feathered, and reptilian family spots are currently filled by three dogs, a spoiled rabbit, a tortoise, horses, and chickens.