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Welcome to this space! My name is Hilary Anthony and I have a deep calling to help people reclaim themselves and their lives. I grew up on a small ranch on the Central Coast of California. Born a lover of nature and the mystical side of life, I've always been drawn to the magic of trees, animals, and the wild spaces between. I believe there is much to be learned in these spaces.  At the core of each of my practices is awareness and connection which I use to illuminate the pieces within my clients that are ready to be transformed.  By getting to the root of "blocks" and "limitations" it creates the space for one to show up more authentically and more true to oneself.  My journey to finding myself and calling really started when my husband was facing a battle with severe Post Traumatic Stress after multiple wartime deployments.  We followed recommendations which produced short term benefits, but not the long term change our family needed.  I realized there were missing pieces in the recovery process for my husband, so I followed my intuition and poured my energy into researching and learning about the mind, body, spirit connection. What came of it was the discovery of my true path in life as well as deep healing and opening within myself, my husband and our family relationships.  I am trained as an Ancestral Clearing Practitioner, Equine Guided Facilitator, Life + Spiritual + Energetic Coach. I blend my varied background to create beautiful and meaningful experiences for my clients, allowing them to root deeply into their authentic, empowered selves so they may rise stronger into their ultimate lives!

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Hilary Anthony and her services are not a replacement for medical or mental health care of any kind nor is she is diagnosing, treating, curing, or advising on any medical or mental health issues of any kind.  She is not offering financial advice or services, her programs are based on the energetic and spiritual effects on clients around money. She is not a medical/mental health professional nor is she certified in any financial service. 

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