are you ready to transform your life?

I offer services that will help you to reclaim and transform your life from the inside out by clearing and releasing the things that are keeping you from showing up as your most empowered and authentic self.

Wheat Field

Ancestral Clearing

Do you feel like you are sometimes blocked or stuck in your life? Or is there something that you don't prefer or would like to change? In an Ancestral Clearing session we will get to the root of whatever is coming up for you and resolve it using the power of the present moment combined with breath and clearing methods so that you can move forward with more ease and clarity into the life you desire. 

Through epigenetics you can inherit traits from ancestors that directly affect the way you show up in your life.  This work helps to clear and resolve anything that you may be carrying from your lineage so that you can show up as your true self in the world. 


Heart Centered Coaching

I offer a unique form of coaching that blends methods that not only focus on the mind, but body and spirit as well in order for you to reach your goals. I create a sacred space for you to safely explore the areas you're seeking guidance in, identify possible sticking points or blocks, and assist you to move beyond and into your optimum life.


Equine Guidance

Are you ready for a truly magical coaching experience? Horses are the ultimate somatic coaches and guides for us humans.  Allow the horse to lead you to that which lies below the surface.  Sessions can be one on one or crafted to fit your group needs.  

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