Let's be honest--if you found your way here, there's probably something
you want to shift in your life. 


Maybe you feel stuck, disconnected, lost, or like you keep repeating

the same patterns with the same beliefs and it’s keeping you from doing the things that are whispering from your heart.

It’s almost like no matter how badly you want to take that next step there is still something inside of you that’s dragging you down or holding you back.

How many self-help books have you read, videos watched, courses signed up for hoping they'd be the thing to get you that shift; hoping it’d be the magic solution to your struggle?

You probably start out excited but pretty soon you're back to that familiar place of feeling resistance complete with the old patterns and beliefs that you know are keeping you stuck. 

All the things that you wish you could just get past--the triggers, the issues that pop up within relationships, the sneaky patterns that come in and make things feel harder, the way your beliefs feel like they can stop or limit you--they’re all part of your map to transformation and ultimately the way to tap into and connect with your most authentic and empowered self. 

Within you is the map to your wholeness and healing.

In order to create real transformation, we bring the whole you along for the ride because that's the only way to make lasting change.

​Your body holds entire lifetimes of wisdom and when you can tap into that while nurturing your soul self and mind, that's when the magic starts happening. 

But, you have to be ready to do the actual work and you can't do it alone.

If you could do by it all by yourself, you would've done it already and truly, you were never meant to do it alone.  You need support and connection within a container for this deep work and a guide to help you navigate into the subconscious spaces. 


That’s where I come in, this is my zone of genius--helping people just like you to get unstuck, unblocked, and transform their lives from the inside out so that they can live life on their own terms.  

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"I’ve had several sessions with Hilary, and she is always clear, calm, and effective. I love her work because it doesn’t really matter how I’m feeling about myself or where I’m at—she can always come in and address what I’m facing (even if I don’t fully know what it is) and all I have to do is sit there, breathe, and let in the shift. If you’re feeling stuck somewhere—work or personal—don’t wait!"



"I truly loved my experience and found Hilary to be an excellent facilitator. I really didn't know what to expect, and therefore went into the course without expectation yet open to transformation. Through Hilary's prompts and invitations to explore my subconscious through embodied presence, I was able to identify patterns in my behaviors and beliefs that when left unchecked only served to keep my dreams and desires still seemingly just out of reach.

I found through several of the writing exercises, guided meditations and visualizations, breathwork, and energy work I found I was able to recognize, face, and release certain old, outdated thought patterns leaving me feeling more closely aligned with the life I have been calling into being. I feel simultaneously lighter and more grounded and connected with a more peaceful state of existence which feels much more desirable than the previous state of grasping and scrambling to figure things out rather than simply be present to what is with gratitude and appreciation."


"Hilary is so powerful! I've done a few sessions with her and I'm amazed at how deep we can go so quickly. Every time I do a session with her, the results are essentially immediate. For example, I was feeling my limiting beliefs around money and acquiring clients. I kid you not, as we released my monetary blocks during our session, two clients booked a session with me and another booked right after. I'm so grateful I met Hilary and couldn't recommend her enough"